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Matthew Amster is an anthropologist, painter, musician, bicyclist, ethnographic film enthusiast, and regular contributor to Zebrameat. He teaches at Gettysburg College and is currently writing a book based on his fieldwork in Borneo. Previous gigs include a two-year residency at Hamilton College, stints at The Tufts University Experimental College, U/Mass-Boston, Wheaton College, and the now-defunct Bradford College, as well as performances at the "Plough and Stars," "The Middle East," and the (again) now defunct "Club3". He has traveled extensively in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the former Soviet Union, Western and Eastern Europe and can be contacted at amster@adelphia.net.

Ri Anderson lives and works in Boston. In 2000, she participated in the 2000 DeCordova Annual Exhibition, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA; The I of the Beholder: Objectifying the Self, Studio Soto, Boston, MA; What’s the Big Idea?, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA. Her group exhibitions include shows at the Federal Reserve Gallery, Boston, MA; Perrin Gallery, Brookline, MA; Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA; Viridian Artists, New York, NY; Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA; Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA; The Copley Society, Boston, MA; and the Midtown Plaza Galleries, Atlanta, GA. Awards and honorable mentions include the First Place Jean and Kahlil Gibran Award (Copley Society, 1995), Honorable Mention in the Ernst Haas Golden Light Awards (Maine Photographic Workshops, 1996). In addition, her work is in the Permanent Collection of the DeCordova Museum. She can be contacted at ri_anderson@hotmail.com.

Marea L. Beeman has no achievements to boast of. (Forget that certificate of achievement presented by her drum teacher; all the students get one.) To compensate, she surrounds herself with accomplished, interesting people and praises them. She's worried that avian flu, or the plague, will wipe out most of civilization, resulting in ridiculously brief hours of operation at liquor stores. She lives in Somerville, MA.

Peter DiIanni (PWD) is a conceiver and constructor with credits in oil painting, music composition and percussive performance, general contracting and fine carpentry, and co-credits with his wife, Leigh, in the production and (mis)instruction of a small portion of the ever-so-tenative human race, namely Jackson and Emma. His paintings tend to be vividly colored and packed with forms and people, often conveying mysterious, exciting and bizarre themes. Ivan Karp, founder and owner of New York's O.K. Harris Gallery, describes his work as "spirited, mature, and convincing." DiIanni is based in the Boston area and his paintings can be viewed anytime at www.peterdiianni.com.

Ryan Gierach is the author of two books -- regional histories -- and has written extensively in the national and regional gay press. He is also a State of Wisconsin Society of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Project for the Book Fellow and an active member of the West Hollywood community. He facilitates a HIV emotional support/writers workshop on a volunteer basis.

M.L. Grim is a Virgo. 6' 7'' tall. Plays guitar and sings. PhD in German studies. Dissertation: Critical Intellectuals and the New Media: Bernward Vesper, Ulrike Meinhof, the Frankfurt School and the Red Army Faction. Has been in the following bands: Spanking Machine, Maximum Leader, Jumbo, Observatory. Best remembered for having said: "I am made of God." Do not contact him. He will contact you.

David Ari Halperin tries desperately to be funny. This works sometimes in the morning and in the evening, but during the day he is "totally serious." This affliction is caused by a clear devotion to certain elements of modern society -- including the advancement of career and the out-and-out seriousness of all press releases.

His desire to be funny stems from sleepovers at his first girlfriend's house. Her name was Dara English and she became the prettiest girl in his high school. But when David was only seven years old their sleepovers were actually lessons in cultural deviation (though he's still not sure who, exactly, had been deviant); there, at Dara's house, he was suddenly transformed from an organic peanut butter and jam on wheat bread eater into a nibbler of Skippy and Fluff on Wonder -- the combination of which had been perfectly dissected in triangular fashion. This, taken in context with the visual toxicity of the English's starkly white cabinetry and heavily polished linoleum floors, left David confused, scared, and unsure of just who he was and where his family had come from. All the while, he and Dara would sit in the kitchen while her mother asked polite questions about his summer, his winter, his spring, and his fall. David would answer politely in return, though he was terrified: he limited his responses to one word. Meanwhile, Dara would smile at him and, presumably, David would smile back, though he hardly remembers anything beyond the fear of imprisonment. Afterwards, he would return home and play wiffle ball with his brother for hours on end -- as many hours as was necessary to erase the memory of his strange encounter at the English's house. He had not yet developed the habit of cultural critique, preferring at this point to keep his mouth shut and just play wiffle ball. However, it became apparent later, at about the age of eighteen years, that deeper introspection was needed, if only for survival. (He had spent the intervening eleven years playing basketball, which he mostly did alone because he liked the sound of the ball bouncing.) It was at this point that he began an attempt to transform his fears into comedy, though he has rarely been successful and only in the morning and in the evening. He can be reached at d_halperin@yahoo.com.

Wendy Halperin is an unknown photographer.

Mary Holmes was Professor Emerita of Art at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she began teaching in 1965, and continued a painting career begun early in her life. She died in January 2001 at the age of 91, and will be greatly missed by her many friends and admirers.

P. Milhaus-Nixonion was born into the upwardly mobile golfing class during the late 1950s. Having attended an Ivy League college as a joke, he later hunkered down and earned a professional degree. He practices professionally to this day while pretending to be a fake musician one night per week. Though never having attained "Golf Mastery," he dutifully plays with his professional colleagues on a bimonthly seasonal basis in an effort to contribute to "office morale."

P.J. Pappas is a lunar-cycle organic writer and freelance farmer currently operating out of an '85 Dodge conversion van somwhere in the western deserts of the U.S.; working on a forty day-forty night confrontation with diabloical tectonic forces at work in the planet's underworld, and simultaneously attempting to negotiate a five-year contract with Righteousness, and an attendant 3-million dollar per year endorsement deal with DopeInk.chrome. His dispatches, Futuro Field Notes, specialize in gonzo reportage from the experiential outbacks of American, and Outernational, cultural no-fly zones, insanity and inanity testing and gunnery grounds, and covert-Ops beyond the Edge. Sound-recordings of Dubhop remixes of his bellettrizm are also forthcoming. His reachability varies but can be tested at pj_pappas@hotmail.com.

Colin D. Pilney is either out fly-fishing for trout or at the horse show. Please contact him at evelethensis@hotmail.com if you would like to give him a tenure-track Classics professorship.

Barukh Shalev is a writer. He can be reached at bshalev@gmail.com.

As a child Addi Somekh always dreamed of becoming a reporter, but instead realized he had no choice but to become a balloon twister.

Justin Stein is saved from being exceedingly goofy-looking only by his average height. Often mistaken for Phish leadman Trey Anastasio, Master Stein can be heard whistling atonally whilst walking the decaying sidewalks of his affluent cookie-cutter hometown preceded by a glassy-eyed stare, a shopping cart half-full of deposit recyclables reclaimed from public refuse bins, and a reputation for being a sucker for the hermetic secrets of the fellow Masters of the Universe. Large grant (courtesy of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation) in the bank, send your Florida wetlands development and guaranteed enlightenment scam offers to jbswatson@yahoo.com.

Rachel Sussman has been photographing since before she can remember. She's also an Internet producer, gymnast, singer, world traveler, and former seller of produce --- which she is considering returning to. Her work can be viewed at www.rachelsussman.com and she can be reached directly at me@rachelsussman.com.

A.G. Vermouth is the editor of Zebrameat. He can be reached here.



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