In this, the inaugural issue of Zebrameat, we explore the varied ways of watching.

It may just be coincidental that the inauguration of a new century and a new U.S. president (as well as substantial changes in several other governments around the world) occur at the same time, but perhaps not. We believe vigilance in all its forms may be more necessary now than at any other time in the last half century, or at least the last year or so. Especially in the last few months and days, OK? You'd have to agree with that. Zebrameat has been founded as one such outlet for this necessity.

Many thanks go out to all the contributors for the substantial work that went into what must now be termed an "organically-themed" issue. Some of the links may not be online yet, but be assured that in the coming days and weeks, more words and images will be added to the contents of what we hope will remain a work-in-progress for some time to come.

– A.G. Vermouth


About the cover
The cover picture was taken in May 1998 at the annual political street theatre piece known as the Shavuot riot in East Jerusalem, where there may be just a few too many fist-sized rocks on the ground. Every year on this jubilant holiday commemorating the giving of the Laws to Moses, thousands of religious Jews stream through the Arab markets at Damascus Gate on their way back from prayers at the Western Wall toward the Jewish neighborhood known as Mea Sha'rim. Invariably, tensions flare, apple carts are upset, projectiles are thrown, and injuries occur. This photo shows a group of concerned Jewish friends watching as their comrade-in-arms, who has just been run over by a shuttle van, is about to be hoisted onto a gurney and loaded into a waiting ambulance. Every year, the media lie in wait, along with the ambulances, riot squads, and earnest Arabs and Jews, for such a shot at instant news. And every year they get what they need—more fuel for the fire.


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