the 10.01 project

There is something about the tensions of photography that have always appealed to me — the science and potential art of it, the seeming proof of something that's inherently only part of the picture. In October of 2001 I left New York and set out on a road trip across the US and back with that in mind.

I stumbled across some of the usual road trip gems ("No minors at bar except accompanied by legal guardian or adult spouse"), as well as a couple acts of post-September 11th kindness (at a hotel in Wyoming the desk clerk gave me the bereavement rate upon seeing my New York City address.) But mostly I just took it all in; watched the landscape transform around me and back on itself and then into something else entirely.

8,700 miles later I came home with these pictures. (In case you're wondering, I took the Northern route there, made a left at the Pacific, and took the Southern route back.) Admittedly a couple of the images are from subsequent trips North and West — but they all come from the same place of exploration. The interpretation, I leave to you.

Rachel Sussman, June 2002

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