We, the editors, have prepared another clever SUPER JUMBLE for the BEFOGGLEMENT and EDUMUSEMENT of our puzzle-solving target demographic, i.e., you.

This week, due to the fiendishly perplexing difficulty of the featured SUPER JUMBLE, we are offering a SPECIAL PRIZE to the first puzzler to submit the correct solution. This SPECIAL PRIZE will be a STALE GARLIC BAGEL, purchased from that crappy third-world deli down the block from our editorial offices in midtown Manhattan, and delivered to the deserving winner FIRST CLASS by the U.S. Postal Service. In the all-too-likely event of a complete dearth of correct solutions, the editors will draw straws to see who will get to throw the SPECIAL PRIZE out the window at a passing bus next Thursday morning.

Are your pencils sharpened and your envelopes pre-addressed and stamped,
ready for licking? Here is this week’s SUPER JUMBLE:

Until next time, "Eureka!" The editors.